We come from noise

Nita Mocanu. We come from noise. 2018. Video 19:49 ” Full HD

 „We are surrounded by noise. And this noise is inextinguishable. It is outside-it is the world itself-and it is inside, produced by our living body. We are in the noises of the world, we cannot close our door to their reception, and we evolve, rolling in this incalculable swell.” The parasite, Michel Serres

The video is a spontaneous video poem based on the texts of those involved in its realization. It’s about how the relationship between the host and the guest determines the transformation of everyone’s role. Noise is the place where the guest comes from in the order of the host as a challenge to endurance and resilience, the host seems to be that place where the noise ceases, but gradually returns. The guest has a limited time and must respect some canons, if it stays it becomes something else, it becomes a parasite or a predator.

The stories are built from responses to a set of questions about unnamed places and first impressions, about hosts and interrupted feelings. There are stories turned into verses about war, about violence, stories about tourism, stories about self-search and time.

  1. There is a place, important for you, what is this place made of? What are its constituting parts? Describe, tell me a story about it.
  2. How is the time there, the passing of time, when is the time passing rhythm changing, what is changing it?
  3. Who is the constant companion in your mind when being in this place?
  4. How is you relation with the place and its elements? Landscape, objects, plants, people etc. What do you do there?
  5. Who is the host and who is the guest?
  6. Is something that you feel that is strange about this place? Is something that you feel is missing?
  7. What interrupts the atmosphere, the relations, the way things should work?
  8. What is its perfect, ideal function?
  9. Who are you in that place? Who are you here?