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Value, success, future – Nita Mocanu

Value, success, future

Nita Mocanu. Value Success Future. 2021. Video 05.14 min Full HD

Value, success, future is a video performance by Nita Mocanu created in 2021. It is a commentary on the financial, corporate language used in official documents and projects concerning the future of education in Romania (Education unites us – Vision on the future of education in Romania; Educated Romania Report). The text that appears in the video is a collage of such formulations, expressions and corporate language and is meant to draw attention to the problematic discourse regarding the development of education as a component of the free market, in which content, knowledge is directly correlated with the immediate needs of the market, and students and teachers are only engaged in this market to bring profit to a hypothetical company. The process of financialization of education is one of erasing everything that is the art of education, the slow and arduous path of research, discovery, frustration and moments of wonder, research and achievement, etc. Education is an act of creation that contributes to the creation of human subjectivity. Even if the education system in Romania is deficient and needs to be transformed, education must remain open, free and oriented towards independence, freedom and responsibility of the educated, not only in the sense of employability on the labor market but in the sense of what we want to happen to humanity in the future.

1.    Our company’s vision for the future of education in Romania is the capitalization of the national and European, through the collaboration of all the major players in the field by combining the available competencies with market strategies/directions.

2.       The ontological assumption of the strategy is based upon the well known idea that the social reality is a design of the social players. The national and international educational institutions join their efforts together with private and business sector to improve the results of the teaching/learning process.

3.     Also, the inductive strategy is addressed with detail, targeting the exploratory and descriptive results of this strategy. The efforts to preserve natural resources occupies a secondary place, being outrun by the struggle for human resources. Thus, education has become one of the leaders in the business sector at global level while the private sector is gradually taking over the responsibility of teaching for life.

4.       We have to demonstrate focus on results to reach the next level being competitive  globally, so that improvements are channelled towards a healthy and solid educational system, adapted to the new generations and capable to respond to the chalanges of the future.

5.       Our company’s results, values, objectives and programs for Romania’s education focus on the advance of the educational and training opportunities that have to become more and more efficient and qualitative so that the participants can gain the abilities and competencies required to be successful on the human resource market. Not only the ascertaining, descriptive and explanatory character of the engagement is highlighted, but also it’s reductive character, as it guides to improvements in the design and deployment of the educational processes at micro and macro levels.

6.       It is our company’s vision and therefore the vision of all the players involved, to make education top priority at all levels, and the public and private sector and the citizens have to be engaged and supportive. Through special tools the schools are encouraged to increase financing and improve their educational process in the best possible way.

7.       The growth of our students will be ensured and evaluated according with the quality standards, quality performance indicators, the adaptation of the national curriculum and school grants so that the quality is improved. The educational process will benefit of a design developed by dedicated specialists, formed in an international professional environment. The pupils and students are professionals still in training who understand the importance of continuous learning and training so that maximum potential is reached.

8.     Values such as leadership, quality, efficiency,  performance, integrity are meant to guide the educational process and the management of the personal life, to  promote a sustainable life style focused on success and on active citizenship, excellence and workforce market integration.