The fading subject

Nita Mocanu. The fading subject. 2015. 10 Full HD videos. A continuum one me (00:51’).A zombie was here before (14:37). Erasing the purpose of dreams (04:01’). How am I not myself (01:07’). Meditation video for artists (15:30’). Phantom fragments of plants (12:14’). The artist is dead and she knows it (03:18’). The change is subtle, you’ve been stolen (01:16’). The more I gazed at it (06:06’). We were staring blankly at the water, sometimes we looked at each other (01:44’)

In “The fading subject”, through video art, a medium that over time has become extremely condensed and fast, the artist has created an environment of slowing down in which human consciousness is forced to become aware of itself. The unfolding of the videos is in the rhythm of nature, the observation of the subtle movement requires patience, the poetic texts from the beginning of each video channel the attention towards the inner experience and the anticipation of the slowness. The human subject is constantly interrupted, being replaced by something else, something foreign imperceptible to human consciousness, something related to nature and its way of being. The installation is about ecology and the need to understand the way the human mind works by overwriting personal experiences and the aestheticizing of nature into objectification; it is about the way in which human consciousness is self-referential and selective. The dissipating subject is the human subject overwhelmed and interrupted by the natural environment. To express this state we need to resorts to poetry.