IDEA. artă + societate/arts + society. #56.2020

Published by / IDEA Design & Print Cluj / Asociația Artă + Societate/ Fundația Idea
ISSN 1583-829

The text About trust and neighborhood, written by Nita Mocanu and Marius Stoica appears in the file / series of articles # TimișoaraCapilatCultural. The text follows the relationship between the local art scene and local and regional authorities in the context of Timișoara European Capital of Culture 2021/2023. The photos that accompany the text are made by Nita Mocanu.

The golden generation. Coordinators V.Leac, Cristina Ispas. Bucharest 2020

The golden generation/ coord.: V.Leac, Cristina Ispas
Bucharest: frACTalia, 2020
ISBN 978-606-9028-42-1

Series of poems about sport.

internet of ki (iok). 12 smart products that could change your life (or how kinema ikon misunderstands, knowingly, the internet of things). 2017

Publisher / Arad Museum
Editor/ kinema ikon
Print/ Artpress Timișoara
ISBN 978-973-108-787-0

The publication is the catalog of the exhibition of the same name in which the work It was not a “real” sunny day by Nita Mocanu and Marius Stoica was exhibited. In the catalog appears a text written by the two artists about the concept of the work along with images from the exhibition.

ODD Vol.1. PRIVATELY. 2017

Editor / Cristina Bogdan
Printed by / Grupul Editorial Fractalia
Published as part of PRIVATELY the annual program at ODD

ISBN 978-973-0-25877-6

Insert : the series My world both is and is not mine, of digital photos, made by Nita Mocanu, part of the work Space as humor (by Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica), exhibited at ODD in July 2017.

2014# 08 contemporary medium. Diary of a discussion on education and other things // Nita Mocanu

Publisher / MAGMA/Szekely National Museum
Saint George, 2014
ISSN 2069-7899
contemporary medium periodical

Publication made following the personal exhibition Diary of a discussion about education and other things, organized by the MAGMA Contemporary Art Exhibition Space in Sfântu Gheorghe, in November 2014.