The fading subject

video series, FHD, 2015

   The space in which I walk discreetly influences me, gradually I realize that I’m someone else in this place. The self is an illusion, in fact we don’t exist. The self is instances of mental processes that are connected directly with the context in which you unfold. I’m a part of the place where I am, I’m part of the subtle network in which are bound everything that surrounds me. I could develop a future self, what defines the self is human values, this is our selves… If you attach yourself to an angel you get a true self. There is no artist self just self image. Me being just an element of the network, the artist being a phantom in the network, the woman next to flowers being a phantom part of the plants. We stare blankly into the water, we steal ourselves from each other from time to time. We disappear from time to time.
         “The fading subject” is a visual art work based on my research trough texts related to the experience of the self in psychology mostly and philosophy. My research was strongly influenced by my experience of being in Linz, Austria, out of my usual context, the way I discovered the city and analyzed my relation to different places, and by my recent discovery of experimental philosophy. 
          The project was developed in the framework of an art residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz, Austria, July-August 2015. The residency is part of the CreArt Europe project (link HERE).