Only tomorrow II

Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica. Only tomorrow II. 2016. Interactive online video.

Only tomorrow II is an interactive video first exhibited at the Media Art Festival Arad Dadada/2016. This work is a sequel of Only tomorrow (video exhibited at the Biennial of Young Artists Bucharest in 2006 and at European Travellers. Art from Cluj Today at Műcsarnok Kunsthalle Budapest in 2012) and a further development of the idea behind it. Notions like Bataille’s “communication” and Deleuze/Guattari’s becoming are reused and enhanced through the use of technology, allowing new forms of expression (interactivity, combinatory, loop, choice path, and randomness) all linked to the content of the video. Only tomorrow is a reverse Only yesterday (a Japanese anime published in 1991) where nostalgia is replaced by reverie and the forgotten past by the immediate future and draws inspiration from the common theme of time, change and becoming. The work is composed of 14 interlinked videos that are accessed by user interaction. The videos are arranged and linked following this combination matrices.

The video clips are hosted at

The work can be accessed  HERE

A project by Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica. Additional voice-over by Oana Petrugan.