No historical gesture

Nita Mocanu. No historical gesture. 2015. FullHD video(06.18 ‘), textile collage (1.30/2 m), black and white photography series (21.0 x 29.7)

The installation “No historical gesture” analyzes human behavior during an extreme experience. It is about a few minutes of personal experience expended, developed and analyzed in various forms from textile collage, to photography and video. The accident, the car suddenly catches fire and you have to react clearly and quickly, it now becomes a historic moment in which none of the remarkable anticipatory gestures took place. It was not a historic gesture, it was a historic gap, a time when many people do not know how to react and get stuck. This paper analyzes exactly this moment, theoretically extrapolating to the way in which an unexpected event breaks the linear reasoning of reality and with it the impression of human control over nature and life.

The works were presented at:

Kinema Ikon: Serial Season 2 Episode 4 /Diana Marincu // Nita Mocanu / Levente Kozma: Almost nothing happened, Art Museum Arad, February 2015 / Catalogue