Interstitial space

Nita Mocanu& Marius Stoica. Interstitial space.2017. Web installation, digital photography, text

Interstitial space is the digital and interactive component of the eponymous work exhibited in the summer of 2017 at ODD Space in Bucharest, part of “Privately” project.

Interstitial space is in fact everything that is between the material elements of a context, it is that invisible network of forces, pressures, influences that subtly exists in proximity. As human beings we feel this presence but we understand it by bypassing approaches, by noise and anxiety, by disorder and irrationality. One possible tool to distinguish these networks in which we are irretrievably trapped is poetry. Each element contained in the network is transformed by it, the set of objects is transformed in turn, together with the network / set in which it is contained. The work follows this sensitive transformation and is played with the intuition of the one who accesses it.

The work can be accessed HERE

The work also includes this essay about the “interstitial privacy” and this set of photos, part of ODD Vol. 1 Privately publication.

Interstitial space is integrated into web framework and uses additional JS scripts: Ramus and bLazy. We also use the great media hosting service from

A project by Nita Mocanu & Marius Stoica.