Nita Mocanu (n.1977) is a visual artist whose works are related to topics in the area of ​​social psychology, education, ecology and contemporary philosophy (new materialism). Favorite media are poetry, photography, video art and installation.

Between 1995 and 2002 she studied graphics and photo-video at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. During the studies and until 2003 she exhibited in Cluj-Napoca: Atas gallery, Sindan gallery, Tranzit House, but also internationally at OK Center for Contemporary Art Austria or the Performing Arts Festival, Izmit in Turkey.

Between 2003 and 2008 she was a founding member of the media activism group D Media in Cluj-Napoca, mainly working on video documentaries. The works realized during this period were part of exhibitions such as: On Difference # 1 Local Contexts-Hybrid Spaces, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart DE; Her position in transition, Women Art Festival, Vienna AT; PERIFERIC 7 Biennial , Iași RO and Social Cooking Romania at ICR Berlin DE.

Starting with 2012 she is engaged as an art teacher developing a series of projects and activities of media education and contemporary art, among the last being the exhibition realized with teenagers in collaboration with Kinema Ikon, “Subsol 16”, which in 2019 reached the second edition.

Since 2014 the works of Nita Mocanu are mainly situated at the meeting between poetry and visual art, on topics related to social psychology and contemporary philosophy, with a special interest for the new materialism. More recent works address topics such as social inertia, cognitive dissonance, the agency of objects, the non-anthropocentric human-world relationship. During this period she exhibited constantly in the Kinema Ikon space at the Museum of Art Arad and Arad Media Art Festival Arad. Significant participations are at: “A world is still waiting to be built”, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara RO; “On Words, Water and Things” D Platform, Borderline Art Space, Iasi RO; D Platform Season 2, Victoria Art Center Bucharest RO; “Notes on tomorrow”, traveling exhibition within the CreArt Europe project, Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, Kaunas LT, Kristiansand NO, Aveiro, PT; Biennial of Contemporary Art Art Encounters Timișoara.

Since 2016 she has collaborated with Marius Stoica on the project etho.tk, an online project built around the metaphor of eto-tecture – the invisible, worn and beaten paths within the networks of objects, things and beings. Exhibitions in which the works from this project appeared: “Interstitial space”, ODD Gallery, Bucharest RO; “The Good Life” Liminal Festival of Art / Science / Technology, Cantacuzino Palace, Bucharest RO; The New Dictionary of Old Ideas: AiR program MeetFactory 2018, Artist in residence, Prague, CZ.

Contact: nita.stoica[at]gmail.com