Nita Mocanu (n.1977) is a visual artist whose works are related to topics in the area of ​​social psychology, education, ecology and contemporary philosophy (new materialism). Favorite media are poetry, photography, video art and installation.

Between 1995 and 2002 she studied graphics and photo-video at the University of Art and Design in Cluj-Napoca. During the studies and until 2003 she exhibited in Cluj-Napoca: Atas gallery, Sindan gallery, Tranzit House, but also internationally at OK Center for Contemporary Art Austria or the Performing Arts Festival, Izmit in Turkey.

Between 2003 and 2008 she was a founding member of the media activism group D Media in Cluj-Napoca, mainly working on video documentaries. The works realized during this period were part of exhibitions such as: On Difference # 1 Local Contexts-Hybrid Spaces, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart DE; Her position in transition, Women Art Festival, Vienna AT; PERIFERIC 7 Biennial , Iași RO and Social Cooking Romania at ICR Berlin DE.

Starting with 2012 she is engaged as an art teacher developing a series of projects and activities of media education and contemporary art, among the last being the exhibition realized with teenagers in collaboration with Kinema Ikon, “Subsol 16”, which in 2019 reached the second edition.

Since 2014 the works of Nita Mocanu are mainly situated at the meeting between poetry and visual art, on topics related to social psychology and contemporary philosophy, with a special interest for the new materialism. More recent works address topics such as social inertia, cognitive dissonance, the agency of objects, the non-anthropocentric human-world relationship. During this period she exhibited constantly in the Kinema Ikon space at the Museum of Art Arad and Arad Media Art Festival Arad. Significant participations are at: “A world is still waiting to be built”, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara RO; “On Words, Water and Things” D Platform, Borderline Art Space, Iasi RO; D Platform Season 2, Victoria Art Center Bucharest RO; “Notes on tomorrow”, traveling exhibition within the CreArt Europe project, Network of Cities for Artistic Creation, Kaunas LT, Kristiansand NO, Aveiro, PT; Biennial of Contemporary Art Art Encounters Timișoara.

Since 2016 she has collaborated with Marius Stoica on the project, an online project built around the metaphor of eto-tecture – the invisible, worn and beaten paths within the networks of objects, things and beings. Exhibitions in which the works from this project appeared: “Interstitial space”, ODD Gallery, Bucharest RO; “The Good Life” Liminal Festival of Art / Science / Technology, Cantacuzino Palace, Bucharest RO; The New Dictionary of Old Ideas: AiR program MeetFactory 2018, Artist in residence, Prague, CZ.


Name: Nicoleta Stoica
Date/place of birth: 05.03.1977, Arad, Romania
Lives and works in Arad

Contact: nita.stoica[at]


1995-2000 University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Graphic arts department
2000-2001 University of Art and Design Cluj-Napoca, Photo-Video department



  • Virus diary, White CuibGallery, Cluj-Napoca RO
  • C.19 Interface, DIGITAL:CANVAS , Timișoara RO
  • M.A.F.A.7: SyZyGy , Media Art Festival Arad, Arta Cinema Arad, kinema ikon, Arad Art Museum RO


  •  “A World Has Still To Be Built”, Art Encounters Foundation, Timișoara, RO
  •  Escape from Saint Mary’s Garden, 2/2 Space, Timișoara RO
  •  The New Dictionary of Old Ideas: AiR program MeetFactory 2018, Artist in residence, “Parasite” photo series,  Prague CZ
  • Media Art  Festival Arad, De Rerum Natura, Etho-Tekturi; Art Museum Arad RO
  •  Manifest.Gallery


  • Media Art Festival Arad: Cinema, Arta Cinema Arad RO
  •  Interstitial space, ODD Gallery, Bucharest RO
  •  Narrating images/Imagining stories, Domino Gallery, The Paintbrush Factory, Cluj- Napoca RO
  •  “On Words, Water and Things” Platform, Borderline Art Space, Iaşi RO
  •  D Platform Season 2, Victoria Art Center Bucharest RO
  •  Cozzzzzzzmonautica 2017-Shipwreck Cosmologies, Misc Arts Center , Timișoara RO
  • “The Good Life” Liminal Art / Science / Technology Festival, Cantacuzino Palace, Bucharest RO
  • Art Encounters Biennial, Timișoara RO
  •  internet of ki (iok), Art Museum Arad RO


  • Notes on tomorrow,CreArt Network of Cities for Artistic Creation European Project, Kaunas LI, Kristiansand NO, Aveiro PT
  • Media Art Festival Arad: DADADA, Art Museum Arad RO
  • Network expressions, Kinema ikon: serial / s.3 / e.6, Art Museum Arad RO


  • kristallin #22, Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz AT
  • Media Art Festival Arad / R.E.M.X Magazin MIXT, Atrium Mall Arad RO
  • Kinema Ikon: Serial Season 2 Episode 4 /Diana Marincu // Nita Mocanu / Levente Kozma: Almost nothing happened, Art Museum Arad RO


  •  Diary of a discussion on education and other things, Conset Studio, Cluj-Napoca RO
  • Diary of a discussion on education and other things, Magma Contemporary Art Space, Sfântu Gheorghe RO
  • Dependent Artist Weekend, Arad RO
  • Evasive diary, Kinema Ikon Serial Season 1 Episode 7, Arad Art Museum RO


  • European Travellers. Art from Cluj Today at Műcsarnok Kunsthalle Budapest HU
  • Wk@MoAA2012- Kinema Ikon, Art Museum Arad RO


  • BABY OB BOARD – exhibition, Magma Contemporary Art Space, Sfântu Gheorghe RO


  •  INTERMEDIA 21 – Kinema Ikon-exhibition, Arad Art Museum RO
  • 7010 – Kinema Ikon Project -exhibition, Arad Art Museum RO


• Feminisme- H.arta Project, Timișoara RO


  • The Way Things Are…-Works from the Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary Collection, Centre of Contemporary Art Torun PL
  • Transreport, Rathausgalerie, Munchen DE


  •  Social Cooking Romania, ICR Berlin DE
  •  Precarity & Media Activism, Broeinest, Amsterdam NL
  •  Neighborhood – daily practice of social values , Timișoara RO
  • Art Generator Urban Arts Festival, Performing Arts Centre Multimedia, Stip MK
  • Humour Works by City of Women, Space Gallery, Bratislava SK


  • F[acts]igures, Amsterdam, Holland 2006/2007
  • Young Artists’ Biennial Bucharest NL
  •  Balkan Black Box Film Festival, Berlin DE
  • Minority Logbox caravan part of the KÜBA:Journey Against the Current project AT
  • PERIFERIC 7 Biennial, Iași RO
  • HER POSITION IN TRANSITION Women Art Festival, Vienna AT
  • cARTfilm Video Documentary Festival, Iași RO
  • THE MASCA EVENT , Masca Theatre, Bucharest RO


  • •VideoNight by Arteast Foundation in the framework of ALTER-NATIVE 13, International Short Film Festival, Târgu Mureș RO
  • Alert 7’, Cluj & Vama Veche RO
  • Simultan – Video and Media Arts Festival, Timișoara RO
  • AV Motional, Tranzit House, Cluj-Napoca RO
  • SPAZI APERTI Accademia di Romania in Roma IT
  • On Difference #1 Local Contexts-Hybrid Spaces, Wurttembergische Kunstverein ,Stuttgart DE
  • OFFSET [2004]


  • •AV Motional, Toaca /CIAC Foundation, Bucharest RO
  • •Video Channel, Nuremberg DE
  • •“The Way the World is” by Vector, The Turkish Bath, Iași RO
  • Extra Curricula, Tranzit House, Cluj-Napoca RO
  • Vienna Days in Bucharest, Moving Patterns, The New Gallery, Bucharest RO
  •  [R][R][F] 2004 —&XP//VideoChannel//”Local connection “
  • DISPLAY, Protokoll Studio, Cluj-Napoca RO


  • Re:Location 2 – UAP Gallery, Vienna Confectionery, Cluj RO
  • •Re:Location 2 – O.K Center for Contemporary Art, Linz AT


  • “Call me!” ATAS Gallery, Cluj RO
  • Experiment Space 4, SPACE Gallery-CIAC, Bucharest RO
  • Real Presence 2 , Tito Museum, SKC, Belgrade RS


  • The arbitrary censorship and the elegant compulsion hidden trough manipulation, Tranzit House, Cluj RO
  • In Vitro, The Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinic, Tranzit Foundation, Cluj RO


  • Clean Art- TRANZ-art in SITU, Tranzit House, Cluj RO
  • •Izmit Performing Arts Festival, Izmit, TR



  • Art residency at Atelierhaus Salzamt, Linz, Austria within the CreArt Europe project, Network of Cities for Artistic Creation


  • Art residency at Conset Studio, Cluj-Napoca RO


  •  Ladyfest Romania, Bucharest RO


  • Eclectic Tech Carnival Timisoara Romania– workshops on open source free software/women hacklab
  • METHODS II – Research projects on Art –Society Relations – ArteFiera Bologna Exhibition Center 27th – 29th January 2006 By Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto and Art Factories IT


  •  ZagrebDox, documentary film festival, documentary film workshop, Zagreb HR

2003 – 2008

  • member of D Media (D Media was NGO for independent/alternative media)


  • Artists in Residence Program, 07 January – 05 March 2003 , O.K Centrum Upper Austria, Linz AT
  • Managing Performing Arts across Europe, Sofia (co-production of The Red House for Culture and Debate, Sophia, Bulgaria and THEOREM, Amsterdam) BG


  •  MEDIAWAVE Photo/Film camp, Rabapatona HU
  • TRANZ-art in SITU project, the rehabilitation of the public space, Tranzit House, Cluj RO